Professional Training

Be in Demand with our Professional Training

We believe in offering people the best opportunities available, so that they can become active participants in the South African economy. We believe in empowering the workforce with the skills needed to operate at various levels of the hierarchy chain, from unskilled/semi-skilled employees, to managers and potential employers. To achieve this goal, all youth enrolled in our Placement program are required to undergo additional professional training, such as project management and work-place readiness training, so that they are able to maximise on potential opportunities within their chosen industry. In essence, every participant in our program today, is a potential industry leader tomorrow. Individuals are invited to participate of any of our accredited and non-accredited skills training.

Courses Offered

General Management (NQF 4)
Project Management (NQF 4)
Personal Mastery & Change Management

Non-Accredited Courses

Change Management for the HR Enthusiast
Disciplinary Hearing: How to build your defence

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